DDL Wizard

The Free Oracle Export File DDL Wizard
FROM NET 2000 Ltd.

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The DDL Wizard will reverse engineer Oracle Export files and will extract and display the DDL CREATE statements contained within. It is read-only on the export files and requires very few resources on a Windows based PC.

With the DDL Wizard you can output the export file contents as runnable SQL CREATE scripts or you can output the contents of the export file as browsable HTML for documentation purposes (HTML Output Example).


DDL Modification

Generating scripts which will rebuild the DDL structure of a database is a common Oracle database maintenance problem. The DDL Wizard is far quicker and easier than other methods and works on export files created by any version of the Oracle database.

In addition, you can manipulate the content of the DDL by implementing simple rules. For example, you could change the tablespace of a table (or all tables in any combination), adjust passwords on database links, add a FORCE to View creation statements or an OR REPLACE to Package SQL and many other common tasks.



The unsupported version is free of charge. You can purchase a supported version and also custom versions if you wish - but there is no requirement to do so.

The DDL Wizard software was written by Net 2000 Ltd. as a useful schema re-sizing companion utility for our database subsetting product DataBee. However, as the DDL Wizard is also useful as a standalone product and fulfills a real need in the Oracle database community we decided to add a few more features (HTML output for example) and make it generally available at no charge.